Monthly archives: April 2017

Free Stuff!!

I’m very much into free things. it gives me a buzz to be given free stuff!! I can’t help it, I love stuff! So, on my local free site a very nice lady was giving away seeds and of course the side kick and I are growing food. So, the upshot was I’d go and […]

Sea glass with love for my birthday

My birthday is fast approaching — squeak!! What am I asking for?….  I’m considering some beautiful sea glass jewellery from our shop hand made by Amour Statement Jewellery, each piece of jewellery is unique, no two pieces of sea glass are the same – Sailors used to say sea glass was *mermaids tears* as they had […]


I’m hiding in the bathroom! Drinking tea and having a sit down. I have a mud mask on my face and coconut oil in my hair. This is mommy pampering at its finest! How did this happen? I casually announced I was popping for a shower. No-one put up a fuss (or seemed to be […]