I’m hiding in the bathroom!

Drinking tea and having a sit down.

I have a mud mask on my face and coconut oil in my hair.

This is mommy pampering at its finest!

How did this happen?

I casually announced I was popping for a shower.

No-one put up a fuss (or seemed to be listening) so I grabbed my tea and phone and ran for the only room with a door that locks!

It’s a bit of a military mission to get a shower in this house. All these souls and I still have to either take Lily in the bathroom – not a good call – she’s all over the toilet in seconds * heave * (when I was a child my mother kept our toilet so clean you could have eaten off the seat… I am not my mother… !!). The toilet’s clean but really not to be handled (I have toilet training phobia – I’m good with the potty training – that’s easy – it’s when they move up to using the loo and have to hold on to the seat… I’m stressed until they are big enough just to plonk themselves on hands free!!

Anyway, if I take her in with me I can’t wash my hair! She wriggles like a bag of snakes and I’m scared I’ll drop her. She finds this highly amusing – I have visions of A&E!! And the last time I bathed with her – well I’m still having nightmares 3 months later. Plus I can’t wash my dyed black hair in the bath water with us both in!! 😀

So I resolved to the cut and run, or wash my hair at different times so at least my body – well one arm pit is clean – the arm I hold her in not so much!

I’ m going to figure this out and I’ll be able to have glorious baths again, maybe, in 10 years’ time?

So if you see me and I hum a little take my child so I can have a shower – please!!


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