Free Stuff!!

I’m very much into free things. it gives me a buzz to be given free stuff!! I can’t help it, I love stuff!

So, on my local free site a very nice lady was giving away seeds and of course the side kick and I are growing food. So, the upshot was I’d go and collect the seeds for when she was over for us to plant.

The day arrived to collect the seeds, Charlie and I dutifully followed google maps out into what felt like the middle of nowhere. I asked Charlie to stay in the car with my phone and if I didn’t come back in 30 mins. tell the police where to find the body. (he wasn’t amused!)

The people were really nice and gave me so many different seeds – I felt guilty I’d only a few butternut squash seeds for her. But I quickly got over it and was off on my toes with oodles of FREE seeds!!

Now this where it all went a bit wrong – my phone was out of service – so no google maps. I don’t know where we are or even which way we came into the road. Charlie can’t believe his bad luck to be lost somewhere out in the sticks with me, the worst at direction!!

And that I used to be taxi driver makes no difference, I never knew where I was going!

I opt for driving in the direction I think we arrived in and hope for the best – Charlie opts for trying to remember land marks, so he sees home again!!

Land marks didn’t work – we were soon even more lost – with no signal – and a packet of mints between us.

While I was wondering if I could find someone to tell us the direction of home Charlie pipes up – * we should ask someone *

Well of course I can’t be having that. I was a taxi driver for god sake!

Yeah, we drove around for another hour! But I did get us home, much to Charlies relief. And all without even a map!! Go me!!!

About SnowQueen Icewand

She protects the vulnerable and brings justice to the wronged. She lives in in the white Lands,where Winter Sun always Reins. She can only be seen when the seeker holds a glittering icicle . She wears a faded heather coloured dress, edged with snow and has icy fairy wings the colour of a faded winter sky.