Christmas is coming…. are you getting ready?

Or hiding under the duvet?

How did Christmas become a thing to dread, hide from, pretend isn’t a month away?

Remember when you were young? (I can just about through the haze of my late teen years ;D )

When bonfire night was a life time away from Christmas and the anticipation almost sent you over the edge!!

We have a big family, a big beautiful blended family, so we cannot hide from Christmas.

Last pay packet (does anyone have pay packets anymore? I loved the feel of a wage packet in the brief moments before bills were paid!)  before Christmas wouldn’t supply all those souls with a lump of coal and a orange each let alone a wooden toy!!

So we devised a way to make things stretch by making a lot of family hampers, homemade foods, gifts bought in sales, handmade gifts, vintage buys. I’m making each family hamper a spa jar this year.

Bath salts.

Lip balms

Face creams (male/female/kids)

Body creams

All these you can pick up on offer in any of the high street shops, put inside a clean jar, stick a label on it and tie with string… Bob’s your uncle… and fanny is your cousins uncles third wife… or something like that.

Thhhhhhheeeeennnn, I’ve made pickled pickles, pickled onions, sun dried tomatoes and I’m about to make a chutney, all are fridge products, so I’ll be giving this wrapped together in cello and telling the receiver to pop the lot in the fridge.

Gift Wrap a Cardboard box… or if you are feeling creative, get a ball of string and glue it wrapped around the box for a shabby chic look.

You don’t have to spend a fortune, give from the heart, get creative…. write a list, check it twice, make a few extra things in case second cousin Burt turns up with a bottle of Christmas Cheer!


Or get me to  make you something and send it to the loved one!!

Merry Christmas-ish

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