What do you do when you drop your phone in the bath? Blog about it, of course!!

So, my phone falls into the bath while I’m playing and singing nursery rhymes from Youtube to Lily!

 Half way through a particularly dramatic part of Wheels on the Bus, when I was  giving it my all, my phone slides off the window ledge, bumps onto the side of the bath and for one split moment I saw my social media life pass before my eyes, as the bloody thing swan dives in to the bath water.(It would have scored a 8.5 in the Olympic diving team!)

Panic ensues, I have never moved so fast in my life! As fast as greased lightening, my hand grabs my phone, still playing Wheels on the Bus (but now in watery gurgle), i grab a huge towel and wrap it quickly, rocking and  muttering *nooo, nooo, god no*, all the while a very amused Lily grins at her stupid mother! 

I uncover my phone, with one eye squeezed shut, I can’t bear to look, and a text message pops up on the screen, is it still alive? has the tech fairy saved my phone from a watery death? I test it out and send a sobbing message to my other half who says *drown it in rice*, then of course I tell the world I’ve dropped my phone in the bath (you know Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, I don’t want anyone to think I’m dead!)

    I give my phone one last test on Youtube, Wheels on the Bus now plays with some serious scratchy noises, just like an old LP! and I switch it off…. 🙂

Turns out only uncooked dry rice will do and not the part cooked, nuke in 2 mins rice ….. who knew!?!

Tell me what we did before mobile phones?

I’ve had a mobile since Christmas 2000, it was a little blue Siemens phone . It was love at first sight! It could hold a whole 10!! text messages. (This  shows how long ago I had my first phone, my texts were free till Orange figured out people loved texting!)

As my partner at the time and my Dad each had mobiles, I actually received  messages, but quickly realised I had to pick and choose which texts to keep, or my phone couldn’t receive any more texts until it had space!

Shortly after this my friend bought a mobile phone and I knew I needed more memory!!

Into the orange shop I walked, not knowing a bloody thing about phones, but luckily I’d seen the Matrix and wanted the phone they used, simply because, when you pressed the button on the side of the phone it slid open, now that was all sorts of cool I’m telling you! Added bonus it had an archive where I could store 50! messages!! I’ve had many phones over the years, from the fantastic to the utter poo … an unnamed phone where the key pad kept peeling off!

When iPhones appeared I knew I’d found my kindred phone, I d never loved a phone so much!

I could do everything pretty much on my phone that my creaking laptop could do, but oh so much quicker. I gave my Blackberry (that I’d always wanted) straight to my son without a backwards glance. iPhones have been my true love ever since, that’s why I’m mourning this one so much, it has 23 thousand pictures in it and still works quickly, it has all my apps, and I buy her new cases to keep her happy…… and then I almost drown her…. I hope she can forgive me….

Anywayyyyyyy……… my phone is now buried in two boxes of white rice, awaiting the moment I pluck up the courage to check if she switches on ever again….

Wish me luck, keep my phone in your thoughts, and send healing vibes… 🙂

About SnowQueen Icewand

She protects the vulnerable and brings justice to the wronged. She lives in in the white Lands,where Winter Sun always Reins. She can only be seen when the seeker holds a glittering icicle . She wears a faded heather coloured dress, edged with snow and has icy fairy wings the colour of a faded winter sky.