Fairy Fun

Family Time

Family time means a lot to me, i just wish i d understood that more when my oldest were little, its only as they got older i understood how fleeting this time was, how you cant relive moments, now flown. Now dont get me wrong, i spent all my time with them, we did things […]

Free Stuff!!

I’m very much into free things. it gives me a buzz to be given free stuff!! I can’t help it, I love stuff! So, on my local free site a very nice lady was giving away seeds and of course the side kick and I are growing food. So, the upshot was I’d go and […]

So this month…

Sooooo….We have been super busy on projects..(when are we not) First off updating a Second hand kitchen cabinet-Just finishing off the door. So excited. Pictures below…..              As well as the cabinet, I have been creating my business partner Paula a revamped/upcycled jewellery box to go in her new office. […]

Eat Sleep Craft Repeat

Soooo I’m finally here blogging my little crafty heart out!! We have had some amazing crafters join Fairyhill to sell with us. If you pop over to the shop you’ll see Armour statement jewellery and their beautifully made Statement jewellery. Utmost crafts has joined with their  designed cups. More designs to follow, I’ve been hinting at […]

The FaiRiEs Are FlYing

UnderNeath A PERfeCT Blue WinTers Sky, the Fairies Fly, FlutteriNg Here and ThErE aboUt ThEir FaiRy BusinEss. FlashEs oF gliTTering Light Appears aT the coRner of your Vision… you HeAr The QuiCk FlUttER Of ThEir WiNgs As TheY BruSh By YouR CheeK..

FaR Up NoRth UnDer A SnoW FillEd Sky…

FaR Up NoRth UnDer A SnoW FillEd Sky… a LiTTle VillAge Awakens…. frOm UnDerneaTh HeaVy WoolLen bLaNKEts rEd NosEs aPpeAR., fLuFfy ReD AnD Tow HaIr StaNDs iN A hAlo aRounD SlEepY heaDs… ThE ScEnt Of Hot ChocOlaTe AnD toaSted Tea CaKes Fills The aIr… sTeTChinG And YaWnInG LiTtle PeOple Hop FrOm ThEir BeDs .. lOnG […]

LyiNg On a SwinginG HamMocK

LyiNg On a SwinginG HamMocK- unDer a Inky VeLvet Sky FillEd wITh StaRs … listeNing To thE cReaKing TimBers of The SaiLing Ship yOu aRe Aboard..waTChInG tHe wHiTe Sails BiLlowinG in The sTrong EaStern WiNd .. upOn thOse waRm breezes You detecT thE Scent Of Hot Spices From Distant Shores.. thE Adventure To Come Fills […]

ThE CoppEr KetTle

ThE CoppEr KetTle Is Whistling Away over The CraCklIng Fire… beaUitful ChinA cUps sIt oN ThE teA TraY — lIttLe triangle SandwIches wAit WiTh cReaM bunS on CaKe staNDs — blaNkEts fOldEd ovEr thE aRms oF tHe chaIrs – plUmp cusHions fiLL aLL tHe seaTs … stOrY bOok TurnEd tO thE fIrsT paGe…. now All […]

The Pirate Princess Part 2

ThE AdvEntUrEs pasT hAd taKeN tHe priNceSs tHrough To thE MytHicAL wOrLD, HeRe SoMe How hEr ShiP had cRosseD thE gReAt bEyoNd. The GrEAt mEnETh hEr oWn trUe frieNd, gUaRdian AnD coMpaNion sincE biRth, HeR mOtHer mAking alL ARranGemEnts BEfore She diEd. tHe pRinCesS was bEloVeD OnlY ChilD Of tHe MucH aFearEd but faiR PirAte kiNg […]