Family Time

Family time means a lot to me, i just wish i d understood that more when my oldest were little, its only as they got older i understood how fleeting this time was, how you cant relive moments, now flown.

Now dont get me wrong, i spent all my time with them, we did things together, i just wished i d breathed in the time that little bit more, stopped still, more and just looked at them.

I look at pictures of them from when they were little and just want to go back and grab one more hug, snuggle into their chubby necks, breathe in that delightful baby/little one smell, hear  them call me mama once more.( they call me  Ma, Motherness or Siemon these days!)

They each are my joy and my blessing.

So with Lily I’m taking those moments and squeezing just that little bit more from them, so when she wakes in the night, I’m  thinking of it as a chance for more snuggles, more us time. I  have years to sleep when shes older, she’ll be at school before i know it, ( unless i home school, seriously thinking about it)  i can sleep then..this time is so precious, you never get it back.

Dont regret the time you did nt take, the hug you did nt give, the smile you did nt share, roll around in that time,its good for your soul and for theirs, your voice becomes your childs inner voice, be a good one…

p.s. while you might think *but her kid sleeps*…she does nt always, but i ve had a child that did nt sleep…. ever!! For the first two years of his life he slept in 5 min bursts, i spent a lot of time with him, i know i never missed a hug or a smile, i saw it all. yeah through hazy eyes and i looked like utter crap for those two years, but i was mentally present and thats what counts…the memories you make to keep your soul warm when you are 90 and sucking on your gums!!

These kids will pick our *care homes* remember!!! 😀

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