FaR Up NoRth UnDer A SnoW FillEd Sky…

FaR Up NoRth UnDer A SnoW FillEd Sky… a LiTTle VillAge Awakens…. frOm UnDerneaTh HeaVy WoolLen bLaNKEts rEd NosEs aPpeAR., fLuFfy ReD AnD Tow HaIr StaNDs iN A hAlo aRounD SlEepY heaDs… ThE ScEnt Of Hot ChocOlaTe AnD toaSted Tea CaKes Fills The aIr… sTeTChinG And YaWnInG LiTtle PeOple Hop FrOm ThEir BeDs .. lOnG NiGhts HaNgInG AlmosT tO tHe Floor . THick WoolLen Socks pEepinG oUt bEneaTh, wiTh poiNty EaRs?!! AnD poinTy eaRs?!!….. saNTa’s ElvEs aRe gEttinG rEaDy FoR a nEw DaY iN tHe ToY wORk sHop…..

About Gentle Yewwand

She casts spells of enchantment. She lives in villages and even in bold city places. She can only be seen when the seeker holds a four-leafed clover. She wears brightly coloured stripy clothes like a bee and has russet-coloured wings like a brightly coloured butterfly.