Daily archives: 17th October 2016

FaR Up NoRth UnDer A SnoW FillEd Sky…

FaR Up NoRth UnDer A SnoW FillEd Sky… a LiTTle VillAge Awakens…. frOm UnDerneaTh HeaVy WoolLen bLaNKEts rEd NosEs aPpeAR., fLuFfy ReD AnD Tow HaIr StaNDs iN A hAlo aRounD SlEepY heaDs… ThE ScEnt Of Hot ChocOlaTe AnD toaSted Tea CaKes Fills The aIr… sTeTChinG And YaWnInG LiTtle PeOple Hop FrOm ThEir BeDs .. lOnG […]

LyiNg On a SwinginG HamMocK

LyiNg On a SwinginG HamMocK- unDer a Inky VeLvet Sky FillEd wITh StaRs … listeNing To thE cReaKing TimBers of The SaiLing Ship yOu aRe Aboard..waTChInG tHe wHiTe Sails BiLlowinG in The sTrong EaStern WiNd .. upOn thOse waRm breezes You detecT thE Scent Of Hot Spices From Distant Shores.. thE Adventure To Come Fills […]

ThE CoppEr KetTle

ThE CoppEr KetTle Is Whistling Away over The CraCklIng Fire… beaUitful ChinA cUps sIt oN ThE teA TraY — lIttLe triangle SandwIches wAit WiTh cReaM bunS on CaKe staNDs — blaNkEts fOldEd ovEr thE aRms oF tHe chaIrs – plUmp cusHions fiLL aLL tHe seaTs … stOrY bOok TurnEd tO thE fIrsT paGe…. now All […]