ThE CoppEr KetTle

ThE CoppEr KetTle Is Whistling Away over The CraCklIng Fire… beaUitful ChinA cUps sIt oN ThE teA TraY — lIttLe triangle SandwIches wAit WiTh cReaM bunS on CaKe staNDs — blaNkEts fOldEd ovEr thE aRms oF tHe chaIrs – plUmp cusHions fiLL aLL tHe seaTs … stOrY bOok TurnEd tO thE fIrsT paGe…. now All We nEed iS yOu…??

About Gentle Yewwand

She casts spells of enchantment. She lives in villages and even in bold city places. She can only be seen when the seeker holds a four-leafed clover. She wears brightly coloured stripy clothes like a bee and has russet-coloured wings like a brightly coloured butterfly.