So this month…

Sooooo….We have been super busy on projects..(when are we not)

First off updating a Second hand kitchen cabinet-Just finishing off the door. So excited. Pictures below…..




As well as the cabinet, I have been creating my business partner Paula a revamped/upcycled jewellery box to go in her new office.



Didn’t Paula make a wonderful job of her office, we love upcycle and re-purpose here.

Re-love that old wooden desk, make it loved again, a few accessories and you have a beautiful new space.


The jewellery box so far….


Upcycled one of those popular 80’s early 90’s jewellery boxes, no one loves them like they used to, but as far as I know you can still buy them new.

Whenever I see one of these in-loved beauties in a charity shop or else where I snap them up and save them and bring them back to life….


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