Wakey Wakey -Hand made Essential oil body scrub


Hand blended essential oil body scrub, natural products, nothing nasty here.


A beautiful blend of the finest essential oils.

Himalayan pink sea salt,milled oats, milled brown sugar, freshly dried herbs and pure coconut oil.

I think 99% of us struggle to get going in the mornings, as much as we try and get a good night sleep the morning comes round far too quickly!!

So rather than drink lots of coffee / tea ( which of course you still can 😉 why not start the day a more self caring natural way?

*Jump* ( only if you wish to jump 😉 in the shower and wake up, with a blend of citrus essential oils

that not only clean  you naturally but also invigorate your senses.

Moisturise your skin and leave you feeling more awake.


Make Wakey Wakey part of your morning routine of self care.

1.wake up ten minutes earlier.

2.Have a drink of lemon water waiting for you on your nightstand to drink.

3.No social media before you are ready for the day.

4.*Jump* in the shower with your wakey wakey blend.

5.Have a warm shower and finish by cooling it slightly to get your blood moving.

6.Wrap in lots of towels and have your breakfast ( hopefully healthy 🙂

7. Take 5 mins to let your breakfast settle

8. Get ready for the day using wakey wakey essential oil roller on your wrists,

back of ear lobes and your feet if you are going to be wearing socks.

9. Spend a few mins centring yourself, take deep breaths in and out, picture your favourite place,

walk around it in your mind, keep breathing.

10. Now you are ready for the day and social media.

Now if you are a mama, get in the shower when you can, do what you can when you can, use the essential oil roller to fill in the stop gaps, try and find 5 mins to calm your mind, even if you have to lock yourself in the bathroom! its the only door that locks in my house! its my go to place! I use Wakey Wakey to keep me going through those long long nights and days of little sleep!

But i do have the lemon water ready, one glass of water and half a squeezed lemon, it helps hydrate and gives your system a kick start!