Handmade Self Care Box.



Self care is important not selfish.

As they say you cant pour from an empty tea cup and you are that china tea cup,

beautiful, delicate, you can take all the hot water life throws at you…till..

One day the tea cup is empty.


We are excited to have created  self care  boxes

Each containing a number of healthy natural, eco friendly, Vegan self care samples,

along with affirmations, hints, tips, instructions and a surprise gift each month.


Each month  box is a different theme,

so lets get your Tea cup filled..<3

There are two size boxes, just not to confuse, this one and the larger Autumn theme self care box.

selfcare boxes make the best gifts for those you care about, order one today and have it sent to a love one.

Just send a message with their address and it ll be posted straight to them.




The  self care boxes are a collaboration between myself and Paula at


we have spent many years working together on different projects, and this one is very close to our hearts.

November theme : Crisp Autumn

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