Handmade Self-care Box (mini)


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Hello and welcome to the mini  self-care box, just a little box to get you started on getting

used to self-care, it can feel a big step for put yourself first for even 5 minutes a day.

So dip your toes in and have a little paddle

before you jump in.


Self-care is important not selfish.

As they say you can’t pour from an empty tea-cup and you are that china tea-cup,

beautiful, delicate, you can take all the hot water life throws at you…till..

One day the tea-cup is empty.


We are excited to have created  self-care boxes.

Each containing a number of healthy natural, eco-friendly, Vegan self-care samples,

along with affirmations, hints, tips, instructions and a surprise gift each month.


Each month box is a different theme,

so lets get Novembers Tea cup filled.. <3


This self care boxes is a collaboration between myself and Paula at


we have spent many years working together on different projects, and this one is very close to our hearts.

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