Hand Made mini Smudging Stick


20 in stock (can be backordered)


Grown Organically in my garden, gathered with love, dried in my kitchen and hand made at my vintage wooden table.

Smudging sticks clear negative energies, so example if  you ve had a visit from a difficult person

and feeling a bit drained after, open some windows and light your smudging stick.

Dont worry full instructions are sent along with your smudging stick,

Also science states that burning a smudging stick can help clear harmful bacteria’s from your home, or wherever you are smudging.

The simple act of smudging can bring its own sense of calm if done with thoughtful



Foot Note;

Each smudging stick is unique, being handmade, no two are ever the same,

the picture is a smudging stick i have made, but is a representation of the smudging stick for sale

crystals are not included.