Essential Oil Infuser Pendant. Uplifting essential oil mix



A simple essential oil infuser pendant that can infuse your essential oils for you, or even your own infused oils.

Your own body heat warms the clay and releases the beautiful aroma you have chosen.

The pendants are very up lifting, great if you have a headache starting,

or blocked sinus depending which blend you choose.

I infuse mine with different oils depending on my mood, tired i use and uplifting oil,

needing to sleep, i pop a drop of sleep head. Needing to stay awake, wakey wakey.

The necklaces also make a lovely gift, if you know someone dealing with

a health issue, from mental health, physical health and  emotional health

For mediation purposes too.

You Will Receive One Handmade Clay infuser Pendant necklace, with a sample of blended of *Uplifting * essential oil.

The picture used is an example of the pendant you will receive, as each is hand made and unique.

Also pendant will be on a silver chain unless stated.

Also you will find listed, car infused air freshener,home infused air fresheners.

using natural products.


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