Essential Oil Calming-Anxiety- Hormone balancing self care Box.


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Suffering with Anxiety and having a lot of friends who do too, along with hormone imbalances.

I have spent some time looking, researching, and creating an Anxiety box that can help with  both.

With so many things being sprayed over our foods, etc many people have imbalances with hormones

(the food issues etc is for another day lol!)

Anxiety requires self care, it’s wearing, tiring and often unnerving… Taking time to slow down, put yourself first, calming the senses and hopefully the mind as well, can make a huge difference to your day-to-day life and your general mental health, as i say, “you can’t pour from an empty bucket”

Inside the box you will find:

1 x Calm seas bath soak, with instructions 8oz

1 x hormone balance roller with instructions. 10 ml

1 x calm sea roller with instructions.. 10 ml

1.sleepy head roller. with instructions. 10ml

1 x smudging stick with instructions

1 x mini loofah

1 x self care hints and tips sheet

1 x month of daily affirmations sheet

Presented on a sea of sweet smelling meadow hay.

All products are vegan. Contain no eggs or nuts.

Contain coconut oil, essential oils, sea salts, herbs, organic loofah.

If you have any allergy issues please contact me for a chat pre-ordering, I’m happy to help.

Self care is important, self care is not selfish.


This box bought individually would cost £40.