Blue Agate slice Pendant Necklace gp.



I have to say i m in love with the Agate slices.

Blue as bright and deep as a cloudless summer sky,

i am smitten…(can you tell?!)

Each necklace is unique, wrapped in gold plated nickle free metal,

the gold plate follows the shape of the agate slice.

Agate is a stone of protection , also believed to give you mental strength.

Giving self confidence and courage in trying times.

Agates have been mined since Ancient times,

being used by the Greeks to fight depression.

Roman Gladiators would use agate as a talisman for courage.

It is one of the oldest gem stones used by humans.

we all face challenges at times and agates are worn to remind you to have Faith in yourself

and not let others control your life.

18 inch gp chain.

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