The Pirate Princess Part 2

ThE AdvEntUrEs pasT hAd taKeN tHe priNceSs tHrough To thE MytHicAL wOrLD, HeRe SoMe How hEr ShiP had cRosseD thE gReAt bEyoNd.
The GrEAt mEnETh hEr oWn trUe frieNd, gUaRdian AnD coMpaNion sincE biRth, HeR mOtHer mAking alL ARranGemEnts BEfore She diEd. tHe pRinCesS was bEloVeD OnlY ChilD Of tHe MucH aFearEd but faiR PirAte kiNg OF the islE of ScOtia.

About SnowQueen Icewand

She protects the vulnerable and brings justice to the wronged. She lives in in the white Lands,where Winter Sun always Reins. She can only be seen when the seeker holds a glittering icicle . She wears a faded heather coloured dress, edged with snow and has icy fairy wings the colour of a faded winter sky.