Fairy Child

Fairy Baby

Through the dim mists of the past

We can glimpse a fairy

Dreaming each night of a fairy child of her very own

She dreamed while the stars sat high in the nights sky

Of an ever changing fairy child

Of hair of sunlight and moon beams

On other nights

Hair the shade of inky blackness of a moonless night

Till one dawn

As the sun

Touched the nights sky

Where the indigo of the nights sky gave way to the pinkish light of a new day

An acorn appeared beneath the tree of life

Not the usual fairy acorn

This acorn

Was silverish

It almost glowed with inner light

As the fairy stepped forward to open the acorn and meet her first child

The acorn opened itself

To reveal

Two darling children

Eyes closed

Pink cheeked

Arms and fairy wings locked around each other

One as dark as night the other as white as the sun light now streaking across the land

About SnowQueen Icewand

She protects the vulnerable and brings justice to the wronged. She lives in in the white Lands,where Winter Sun always Reins. She can only be seen when the seeker holds a glittering icicle . She wears a faded heather coloured dress, edged with snow and has icy fairy wings the colour of a faded winter sky.